• Opening accounts for residents and non-residents of China
  • Domestic and international payments in RMB, RUB, etc
  • Remote account management through Internet-Client
  • Currency control fully compliant with Russian and Chinese currency regulations and recommendations

Transaction management

  • Secure and fast payments within VTB Group through direct correspondent accounts with the use of our own closed electronic data transfer channel
  • Ensuring maximum security of funds with possible geopolitical risks by using the VTB ecosystem
  • Support and consultations for structuring transactions between Russia and China, with an expert knowledge of the legislation and customary business practices of both countries
  • Readiness to develop individual solutions for settlement operations taking into account the Bank’s capabilities and client requirements
  • Additional opportunity to open accounts through VTB Bank branches in Russia
  • Issuance of all type of Letters of Credit (sight, with deferred payment / discounting; with post-finance; by acceptance)
  • Issuance of guarantees/counter-guarantees and stand-by letters of credit as applied by Bank’s customers
  • Performing a full range of transactions involving letters of credit and guarantees, such as advising, handling, transfers, nomination etc

Documentary operations

  • Risk mitigation in international settlements
  • Consultations on contractual payment terms, and assistance in preparing documents upon the request of clients and analyses the conditions of contracts
  • Experienced professionals assisting to structure the facilities in most efficient and secured manner
  • Deal structuring within VTB Group to optimize client costs and provide complex solution for business
  • Confirmation and financing of Letters of Credit issued in favor of exporters — the Bank’s Customers
  • Issuing guarantees against counter guarantees by correspondent banks

Short-term trade and export finance

  • Ability to conduct transactions under URDG, UCP, against Russian and Chinese legislation
  • Experience in transactions with banks from the CIS, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East
  • Highly professional team (Russian, English, Chinese languages are available for communication)
  • Lending to Russian importers for purchase of goods in China
  • Working capital loans to Chinese companies
  • Long-term financing of buyers of capital-intensive goods and services from China under SINOSURE coverage
  • Financing of Chinese buyers of capital-intensive goods and services under the cover of Russian and European export credit agencies (in particular, EXIAR, Euler Hermes, SACE, OeKB, etc.).

Lending and Credit

  • Domestic and cross-border financing
  • Competitive pricing through direct access to China’s financial market
  • Access to credit resources in RMB, RUB
  • Extensive experience in structuring credit transactions
  • Foreign exchange transactions in various currencies for Chinese and Russian companies and financial institutions
  • RMB exchange transactions are subject to regulatory restrictions

Foreign Exchange

  • Provides competitive pricing for Ruble trading in China
  • The market maker for RUB trading on CFETS
  • According to CFETS (2014-2015), the VTB Bank is among the TOP-100 banks by transaction volume
  • Derivative transactions
  • Currency forwards
  • Currency swaps
  • Interest swaps
  • Cross currency and interest rate swap

Derivative transactions

  • Many years of experience in the field of derivative transactions to meet the customers needs in managing currency and interest rate risks.
  • Implemented a comprehensive system of internal control and information security to ensure risk management in transactions with derivative financial instruments.
  • Physical Commodity Trading

Commodity Trading

  • Experienced team of commodity specialists providing comprehensive origination and execution solutions for clients
  • Leveraging the global VTB network
  • A wide product range to meet diverse client needs.
  • M&A Advisory
  • Debt Capital Markets
  • Equity Capital Markets

Global Banking

  • Strong presence and deep knowledge and access in Russia, CIS / Central Asia, CEE, Turkey and Africa
  • Leading IB industry led advisory team with strong expertise across Natural Resources, Transportation and Infrastructure, Power and Utilities, Consumer and Retail, TMT and FIG
  • Assisting Chinese and other Asian corporates in their investments in our core regions, with focus on transaction-driven market entry support, including making sure that our clients are appropriately supported by the strength of the VTB Group and its full range of products and services

The services are provided by VTB Capital